Introduce about us


“Co Do Hue” Water puppetry Theater has the honour to introduce Water puppetry the special & unique Art existing only in VN.
Puppetry is a traditional performing art long existed among the ethnic groups living in VN. It originated from the wet rice civilization since the Hung Kings.
In past time,Vietnamese peasant shows usually in spring time or in village festival.
Water gives breath to puppet figures and makes them look more lively and cheerfull. The peaceful water surface efently undulating with a flock of swimming ducks becomes romantic in the illusory veil of smoke when a group of fairies land of singing and dancing but it also becomes scothing and furious during powerful yellow dragons are emerging.It is excellent when fight and water were in agreement.
With the countryside landscape quite, charming and many daily story funny of fammers.
You will understand more about vietnamese special cuturals.
The traditional and royal melodies with excellent performing style will make you surprised and interested.
Theatre “ TỄU” 02A Han Mac Tu – Dap da, Vy Da – Hue city
Tel:/ Fax (84) 0234.3834779
Director/Manager : Mr. Nguyen Phi Tuan : 0913.475562